One of my goals for 2014

Bang Head Here

So… being a single mom gets tough sometimes. I’ll admit. So I’ve got this goal for the upcoming new year. I want to yell and fuss less. Much less.

Being a kid is hard enough without added stress from me right? (-_-)

My princess needs more love, more tenderness, more understanding. Life is getting confusing for her as the absence of her other parent becomes more apparent to her. I need to do a better job at showing her that when things don’t go my way, that losing my cool is not the normal reaction. That’s my logic behind it all. Not being a softy, or a wimpy parent. I mean, really. My kid is pretty smart. She can put 2 and 2 together. Why would I want her to grow up thinking that when things (or people) don’t do or go the way that I want them to, that the appropriate response is to spaz out?

So, just a bit of parenting honesty. I saw some other blogs about this too… (here , here, and here) Can anyone else out there relate?

Share your comments below.


~ by dseuphoria on December 30, 2013.

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